The elegance of simplicity

Nobody likes complex things, that’s why we keep the general setup of our charging system easy and simple. 


Changeable cartridges make the supply simple and easy. So there is no worry that you will ever find an “empty” charging column.

ME Generator

Our patented generator ensures a conversion efficiency of up to 40%, making it one of the most efficient systems out there. 

User Interface

The most comfortable user experience possible, we promise! You simply plug in your car, swipe your card or use your phone to pay per charged kWh – nothing more and nothing less.


For the user there is only one difference: finally you can fast charge your car anywhere, even far away from civilisation.

Where will I find those charging stations?

Public Places

We will provide your daily routine locations with charging points. Because in our vision, you will not go out of your way to charge, charging comes to you! So charging will be available at supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations on highways, public parking garages, etc. 

In your community

Your community does not have a charging column? Or maybe you want to step up your charging speed? That is also a case for us. We can provide you with a charging column. Simply reach out to us!

Where does the biofuel come from?

The production of biofuel is a growing business worldwide. Today they are produced at large scale and are available worldwide. It is even possible to store excess electricity in a liquid and hence transportable form.

There is an existing infrastructure and supply chain for biofuels world wide. They can be seamlessly integrated into current supply chains. Today there is more than enough fuel available.

The used biofuels are liquid and hence easily transportable and storable in currently existing storage facilities. Even long distance transport is economically feasible.

The biofuel can be filled in cartridges and then be transported or shipped by anyone, making it convenient to use, transport and store.