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rapid charging
beyond the grid

Grid independent. Flexible. Fast charging.

rapid charging
beyond the grid

Green power all year round.

rapid charging
beyond the grid

Independent and strong.

Rapid Charger 150.
The mobile fast charging station.

Charging without power grid

The Rapid Charger 150 enables off-grid fast charging at any desired location.

Grid independent and mobile

Fast and sustained

Planable and ready for immediate use

Evergreen and regional

The me energy principle

Sustainable charging power

Our charging stations are capable of providing 200 km of range in just 10 minutes. The stations do not require any connection to the power grid, since they produce their own electricity from liquid bioethanol.
Thus, no location requirements exist and the station can quickly and easily charge electric vehicles - anywhere.

The Rapid Charger in use

A wide range of application areas can be covered with the me energy charging station. Here you can see a few of the current highlights.

Resiliente Infrastrukturen: Widerstandskraft in krisenhaften Zeiten

Resiliente Infrastrukturen: Widerstandskraft in krisenhaften Zeiten

Um den Begriff Resilienz entsteht ein regelrechter Hype. Definiert wird der Begriff mit Widerstandskraft und Anpassungsfähigkeit. Resilienz wird zwar...

me energy ist Ladeinfrastruktur-Partner des GREENTECH FESTIVAL

me energy ist Ladeinfrastruktur-Partner des GREENTECH FESTIVAL

    Nachhaltige Ladeinfrastruktur auf dem GREENTECH FESTIVAL Nach einem gelungenen Support der 'Driving Experience' auf dem GREENTECH FESTIVAL 2022...

Arbeiten an der Mobilitätswende - ein Interview mit Alexander Sohl

Arbeiten an der Mobilitätswende - ein Interview mit Alexander Sohl

Seit 2019 arbeiten Alexander Sohl und Inès Adler daran, die Elektromobilität unabhängig und einfach nutzbar für alle zu machen. Mit dem Rapid Charger...

Everything from a single source:
From the needs analysis
to the charging current

The one-stop store for fast charging

We offer more than just a product: an all-round, worry-free package from a single source - for fast and uncomplicated electrification.

Determination of requirements and configuration

Product and delivery

Service and charging current

Green charging power
Full power
365 days a year.

More sustainability in electromobility

In all areas of our work, we pay attention to our ecological footprint.
From conception to production to the operation of our fast charging stations, the focus is therefore on the responsible use of resources.


Green power

Regional added value

Our customers do not invest in rigid infrastructures, but enjoy new flexibility.

Questions & answers about fast charging stations for companies

What is a fast charging station? What fast-charging options are available to me and how do I get started with the switch to a sustainable fleet? We have summarized the most important questions and answers for you:

What is a fast charging station?

Charging times of fast charging stations - How quickly does a fast charging station really charge?

What are the requirements for a fast charging station?

Advantages of a grid-independent fast charging station

Comparison to classic grid-connected fast charging stations

Alternative energy sources for the vehicle fleet

How does a mobile fast charging station support my business?

How much will a fast charging station cost my company?

Ultra-fast charging at 150 kW with the Rapid Charger 150

The technology development of me energy is supported by the Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Energie (MWAE) with funds from the Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE), the Europäischen Sozialfonds (ESF), the EIT Urban Mobility and the state of Brandenburg.


me energy is a cooperation partner of dahme_innovation. Together with the Dahme-Spreewald business development agency, the players involved are committed to joint location development and joint location marketing, among other things.