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We Let Our Customers Do the Talking

Let our customers convince you and look at the selection of the various use cases. Whether it is for (partially) public charging, temporary rentals for events, or situations where there is a lack of network capacity in depots or along the route, the Rapid Charger is already being used in various applications. It charges quickly and CO₂-neutrally at any location.

See what our customers have to say about the Rapid Charger 150.

Electric buses charge independent of the power grid at terminal stops


Public Transportation in Berlin (BVG) does not limit the charging of electric buses to their depots. They also provide energy along the route and at terminal stations, made possible by the mobile fast charging station from me energy.

Brandenburg's Minister of Economic Affairs uses the Rapid Charger 150

Ganzkörper, Mappenübergabe Dirk und Steinbach

The Rapid Charger 150 completes the charging infrastructure at the government site in Potsdam and enables fast charging without the need for expansion of the grid capacity.

Partially public charging at the building and housing cooperative (BWG) in Halle, Germany


The building and housing cooperative (BWG) wanted to avoid long construction and approval procedures, so they opted for the Rapid Charger 150. Now, members and the public can charge at the mobile fast charging station.

GREENTECH FESTIVAL - charging infrastructure for short-term rental at events


Exhibition grounds without a charging connection? Temporary charging requirements for events? High power requirement but clean electricity? The off-grid fast charging station from me energy is a solution.

These companies are already charging with the Rapid Charger 150