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Rapid Charger 150: Charging Solution for All Expectations

Flexible Charging Infrastructure for All Industries

The Rapid Charger 150 solves many challenges when expanding the charging infrastructure because it is mobile and flexible. Our off-grid rapid charging station charges both electric cars and commercial vehicles in depots and along routes. Generating clean electricity from Ethanol it provides a reliable and resilient solution. Contact us to discuss your specific application.

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Applications of the Rapid Charger 150

Foto: Volvo Trucks

Logistics, CEPs & Freight Forwarders

With nearly 61,000 electric trucks now registered in Germany, the biggest hurdle to decarbonizing logistics is building the necessary infrastructure. High investment costs and lengthy planning and approval processes pose significant challenges.

Courier, express, and parcel services (CEPs) also face the challenge of adapting their operations to comply with climate protection and emissions trading laws. All while efficiently handling the surge in parcel deliveries. However, achieving emission-free parcel delivery, even beyond depots, hinges on a nationwide infrastructure for electric transporters and trucks.

The Rapid Charger 150 offers a flexible charging solution for last-mile logistics, freight forwarders and transport companies, among others - read more here.

Public Transport

The "Clean Vehicle Directive," which took effect in August 2021, also impacts local public transport. It mandates that at least 45% of new public service vehicle purchases be low-emission or zero-emission, rising to 65% by 2026. Notably, half of all new buses must be zero-emission.

The charging infrastructure, which has hardly been developed to date, also makes it difficult to switch to electromobility in public transport. Ideally, e-buses should not only be charged at the depot but also in remote areas along the route. A flexible charging infrastructure must be available during bus drivers' lunch breaks and at final stops.

Find out from us about a flexible and simple charging solution - purchased, rented, or leased.


Fleets & Vehicle Fleet

Operational mobility management is an important component in the strategic and future-oriented alignment of companies. Converting the fleet to electric vehicles is a relevant component of sustainable corporate mobility.

Whether company car, employee car, test vehicle or car rental - where many e-cars have to be permanently charged, available charging capacity and fast charging are always necessary. Ideally, the electricity is CO₂-neutral.

Cut costs in the long term and reduce your fleet's CO₂ emissions. Charge your fleet quickly, easily and sustainably. We support you during the changeover and offer a simple and flexible solution.

Events & Trade Shows

Trade shows, events, or roadshows often have an enormously high demand for charging power for a short period of time. However, their locations are often not equipped with suitable charging infrastructure. Venues may be inadequately electrified or lack electrification entirely.

The flexible rental of charging infrastructure makes it possible to provide temporarily required charging power at any location in no time at all.


Public Sector & Municipalities

Public sector vehicle fleets must be electrified by 2035.

Public authorities and organizations with security tasks face a unique challenge: their charging infrastructure must be especially resilient and function flawlessly at all times – even during power outages.

According to the Charging Infrastructure Master Plan II, local authorities have a "key role" in the expansion of public charging infrastructure. They are responsible for a large part of the public road space and therefore also decide on the public fast charging infrastructure. This is why the federal states primarily provide the private sector with local charging infrastructure. Currently, however, only every second municipality has a public charging point.

The mobile fast charging station can be part of the solution for both municipalities and public sector fleets when expanding their charging infrastructure.

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    Rapid Charger 150 mit einem Mercedes eActros 300. Foto: Marcus Lieder
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    Rapid Charger 150
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    Überall einsetzbar: Rapid Charger 150
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    Schnell umplatziert: Rapid Charger 150
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    Rapid Charger 150 bei SIXT SE
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    Flexibler Transport an nahezu jeden Ort

These Companies are Already Charging With the Rapid Charger 150

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can the Rapid Charger 150 be delivered?

Lead time is currently around 20 weeks from receipt of order to delivery. To meet the growing demand, we are planning on doubling our production capacity in the coming year. Contact us directly to discuss your options and explore delivery possibilities.

How does a mobile rapid charging station support my business?

The Rapid Charger 150 mobile rapid charging station supports your company in a wide variety of charging scenarios. As we also offer our charging station as a rental or leasing solution, you have the flexibility your business needs. Whether as an initial charging solution for the switch to a fast-charging e-fleet or as a supplement to existing AC systems for certain vehicle groups. The flexible and scalable solution makes it possible for your project to take place at almost any location. If the charging demand increases in the coming years, a second, third or fourth station can create additional charging capacity and thus grow with your company.

Before you get started, we offer a free consultation to analyze your charging needs and situation. This will help us map out the perfect charging scenario for you. We'll consider factors like which vehicles need fast charging and if there are peak charging times for your e-trucks or e-transporters. Let's discuss your specific requirements and answer any questions you may have.

How is the GHG quota taken into account?

As you charge 100% green electricity with the Rapid Charger 150, you receive a GHG quota for each of your electric vehicles. We will be happy to connect you with our partners or advise you individually.