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Public charging is coming to your home town! ME Energy charging solutions enable the setup of fast charging columns even in rural areas. So don’t fear running out of power ever again!

Without power grid connection

Our charging columns do not require any connection to the power grid and therefore can be set up literally anywhere – even on fields, mountains or directly in your garden. This also lowers the cost dramatically.

Simple & fast

No more waiting for hours and hours. Finally charging and therefore e-mobility will adapt to the need of the customer, independent of car brand or affiliation.

CO2-neutral and emission free

ME Energy charging stations only use renewable energy carriers and hence are CO2-neutral and emission free. It is even cheaper than using conventional grid power. So saving the environment is now twice as fun!

A revolutionary technology

Every charging station is a standalone generator, powerful enough to fast charge your car. The generator uses biofuel to create electricity. This makes it independent from the power grid and guarantees an easy setup. By being independent from the grid, a lot of time and money is saved, since the power connection usually is the most expensive part when building fast charging columns. 

Since we did not a find a suitable technology out on the market, we from ME Energy are developing our new fuel cell technology from the groud up. The generated CO2-neutral electricity is even cheaper than anything coming from the power grid. Focusing on convenience, while enabling a sustainable mobility, the ME Energy technology is contributing to climate protection in the mobility sector.

Interested in what we are doing?

Light bulb

We started out with the idea to make mobility finally sustainable. For us that means emission free and CO2 neutral. That’s why we want to charge electric cars with sustainable electricity. By builiding the charging infrastructure, we also pave the way for a broader and faster adaption of electromobility.

At the moment we work tirelessly in our lab to bring our idea and new technology to life. The first systems are designed and are being built as you are reading this. So while the whole world talks about startup dress code, we recommend: lab coates. They are really in style.

We won’t achieve our mission without the support of you and a whole network of people! More and more people get to know our mission and start supporting us through various means. We would be humbled if you would join as well. So whether you are interesting in working with us or can even provide some funding, we are always looking for reinforcements!

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